Archbishop Flynn: there was no shuffling

Archbishop Flynn: there was no shuffling

Archbishop Harry Flynn of Minneapolis has said people who still speak about bishops shuffling pedophile priests from parish to parish are not accurate. “This is not an accurate or fair characterization of the bishops’ actions in the last decade,” Archbishop Flynn said. He also said the Dallas policy shows that the bishop are committed to a solution and that no bishop thinks that a change of assignment is sufficient for a pervert priest.

With all due respect, what is the archbishop smoking? How can he deny the reality that bishops have shuffled perverts from assignment to assignment during the last decade? This isn’t just a matter of assertion by journalists. It’s a matter of record based on their own documents filed in lawsuits and admissions made in depositions.

Archbishop Flynn chaired the bishops’ committee that drafted the national sex-abuse policy.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli