Apple news

Apple news

Okay, I know most people who come here now come because of the Catholic content, but I’m also a Mac guy and so I will occasionally offer an Apple-related blog as well. Maybe I can convert some of you heathen Windows users to the true light that is the Mac way. In fact, novelist Umberto Eco once observed that the Mac is Catholic and MS-DOS is Protestant. (Okay, it’s an old argument by now, but still gives me a grin.)

So today’s big news in the Apple world is the release of new Power Macs that incorporate speed increases (slight ones, however), but also 802.11g wireless networking, Bluetooth, and improved graphics cards while also bringing down prices. But the really big news is the price drop on Apple’s amazing flat-panel displays. They are universally acknowledged as the best in the industry. And now they include a 17” for $699 (down from $999), a 20” for $1,299, and the massive 23” for $1,999 (down from the wallet-busting $3,000).

If the combination of the less expensive Power Macs and displays had been available a few months ago, I would have purchased one of those combos rather than my 17” flat-panel iMac even as much as I love my iMac.

And later this week, Apple releases updates to its core iApps: iPhoto, iDVD, and iMovie. iCan’t wait. (Okay, you can now use the comments to call me a geek.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli