Anti-pro-life bias

Anti-pro-life bias

Got to love it when the biased mainstream media shows its hand to one and all. Terry Mattingly reveals it in this firsthand account:

The city editor stepped in. Minus a few descriptive words, here’s what he said: Look, the pro-choice people are pro-choice. The people who say they are pro-life aren’t really pro-life. They’re nothing but a bunch of hypocritical right-wing religious fanatics and we’ll call them whatever we want to call them.

I’ve often posed the same question and the only answers I ever got were weasel ones that tried to avoid telling the obvious truth that this city editor laid on the line.

Now, to be sure, not every journalist or editor who works in the mainstream media is biased like this, but enough of them do that their biases are often assumed and override any possible objections.

By the way, this is why the style book for Catholic World Report and Catholic World News says that the preferred term is not “pro-choice”, but “pro-abortion.” Just setting up equal time.