Anti-Catholicism goes on

Anti-Catholicism goes on

Even while we grapple with the Scandal, those who have reason to hate the Church continue their blasphemies and itrades. In Boston, there is a new play being staged called “Jesus Has Two Mommies” that portrays the Virgin Mary as a lesbian with a “life partner” named Josephina. The newspaper’s summary follows:

    The opera, written and directed by Faith Soloway, is a comical satire about Soloway’s life crisis, as she and her female partner are about to have their first child in a world perceived by the character to be filled with hate. In the show, God tells Soloway a modified version of the Christmas story - Jesus being raised by two women, Mary and Josephine - to instill faith in Soloway’s own spiritual path, the show’s producers said yesterday.

They claim that the show is not about mocking Christianity—yet does so anyway—but aims to “encourage discussions about relationships.”

The writer, Soloway, was interviewed on the local news the other day. She dismissed the hundreds of people who showed up to protest the play, saying the Jesus and Mary can defend themselves. Yes, but the time when Jesus defends himself is too late for you to repent. It’s call the Particular Judgment. I’d say Catholics are doing you a favor by warning you.

Just so that you don’t think the play is some innocent story who’s characters happen to be gay, remember that almost everything in the gay culture revolves around sex. So, Mary and Josephine meet in a gay bar called the Burning Bush. (Think about it.) Mary receives an annunciation from the angel Gay-Briel. God is portrayed as a woman wearing skimpy clothes and a gigantic afro like some 1970s Motown singer. You get the disgusting idea.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli