Animal rights and vegetarianism

Animal rights and vegetarianism

I was just reading a review by Fr. Richard Neuhaus of a book from a Christian persepective on animal cruelty and the need for vegetarianism. I’m not convinced and neither was Fr. Neuhaus. I still think lobsters and steaks and chicken tikka masala and so on are all yummy.

What I find laughable about the animal rights movement is the hypocrisy. When they start caring about icky animals like slugs and spiders, when they open their kitchens to “free-range” cockroaches, then I’ll start to listen to them. Unless the animal is cuddly (bears, seals, lambs), often anthropomorphized (cows, pigs, chickens), or grand and awesome (elephants, crocodiles, boa constrictors), they just don’t care about them. Oh sure, they’ll tell you they love all creatures … in principle. But put a spider or ant or mosquito on an eco-wacko’s arm and he’ll crush it with all the vigor you can imagine.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli