And if the places were reversed?

And if the places were reversed?

Remember the Italian convert to Islam who was stirring up trouble in the country by suing to have crucifixes removed from schools? (He won intially, but the judge reversed himself.)

Now he’s in a new controversy. Adel Smith’s mother was recently hospitalized and he was so enraged by the presence of a crucifix in her hospital room that he threw it out a window.

According to an article in the Italian newspaper Avvenire, that a reader sent me, there were two other patients in the same room, and a family member of one of the patients went outside picked it up and returned it to its place in the room. Meanwhile, the hospital called the police who charged Smith with disturbing the peace. Very nice.

Once again, we ask ourselves, what would happen to a Christian who threw the Koran out the window in Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country. I know that in Pakistan, people who so much as say a bad word about Mohammed are charged with blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty. That would be true in most of the others as well, if you even made it to trial. You certainly wouldn’t get off with a disturbing the peace charge.

I think one can make an objective judgment about the relative worth of two different religions, and Islam falls short.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli