Aiding and abetting

Aiding and abetting

A priest-historian claims that police have also helped protect misbehaving clergy. Nothing really new there—others have said it for months—but now the media is catching on.

    “For many, many decades, the police cooperated in protecting the clergy. I imagine this would have been (true) for all clergy, for all faiths,” added [Msgr. Wilfrid] Paradis, author of ?Upon This Granite: Catholicism in New Hampshire 1647-1997.? Paradis said ?it?s very possible? police also protected clergy accused of sexual abuse of children.

The state attorney general, when asked about it, said documents to be released next month will reveal all. If it did happen, it doesn’t excuse bishops and other clergy, but it also means that it isn’t just the culture of the Church that was faulty, but the culture at large. 

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Domenico Bettinelli