Acknowledging the problem

Acknowledging the problem

There was a good article in the Boston Herald yesterday about the coming shortage of priests in the Archdiocese. One of the reasons it was so good is that, unlike the other newspaper in town, the Herald did not indulge heterodox fantasies like ordination of women, the ending of mandatory celibacy, and the acceptance of homosexuality as a norm. There wasn’t a single quote from a Voice of the Faithful member. Bravo!

Instead the article looked at reality. There are 900 priests right now, 362 parishes, and about six men being ordained every year. Parish consolidation looks like a looming reality and so does lay parish administrators. It’s nothing new. It’s simply the continuation of a long trend since the 50s. The Scandal just makes it a more timely topic. What to do? Only the Holy Spirit knows.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli