A tolerant homosexual blasts the Church with his hatred

A tolerant homosexual blasts the Church with his hatred

One of the most left-wing Canadian members of Parliament, an active homosexual and anti-Catholic, Svend Robinson, vents his spleen against the Church and especially the recent document on legalized gay unions.

As an elected member of the House of Commons, I am saddened by the recent attempts of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, in the Vatican and in Canada, to bully and threaten MPs on the issue of same-sex marriage. And I am angered by Archbishop Fred Henry of Calgary’s statement that the Prime Minister risks eternal damnation for his stand. As a gay man, involved in a committed, loving relationship with my partner, Max, for almost a decade, I am disgusted by the language of vilification and condemnation in the recent statement issued by the Vatican on this subject, denouncing me and other gay and lesbian people as “evil,” “deviant,” “immoral,” “intrinsically disordered,” and “depraved” we do not live by the priests’ vows of chastity.

Nice attempt to misquote the document and distort the Church’s teaching. The Church does not use those terms of homosexuals, but of the homosexual orientation. It is the desire for homosexual acts and inclination toward it that is deviant and intrinsically disordered. Temptation alone does not make you evil. Otherwise, I would be a very evil person for fantasizing about steaks on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

And I am sickened by the shameful attack on those gay and lesbian couples who are raising children in loving, nurturing homes. The Vatican accuses these couples of inflicting “violence” on their children.

Again more lack of context. The violence that is inflicted is the distortion of what family means and the intentional deprivation of those children of a father and mother while they are also indoctrinated into believing that what is wrong is right.

How dare they utter such hateful lies in the face of their own history—of real abuse inflicted on hundreds and hundreds of children in parishes around the world, abuse covered up, denied and still not fully atoned for to this day?

Okay, let’s get this straight (sorry for the pun): The Church is wrong to say that homosexual sex is wrong because some members of the Church break her rules and engage in homosexual sex with children? By that reasoning, no government can pass a law against murder until all the murders stop first. The fact is that pervert priests broke the rules and had sex with kids and some bishops covered up for them (again in contradiction of the rules) and now we’re clearing all of them out and cleaning up the mess and that doesn’t make the rules wrong.

What all this does is prove that the rule is right.