A real howler

A real howler

The newspaper are reporting the story that the Vatican is preparing to issue a document that would bar homosexuals from seminaries. The reactions are predictable, but one piece of analysis was a real howler:

    The Vatican’s anti-homosexual stance might have met resistance among U.S. bishops a generation ago, but Pope John Paul II has appointed conservative bishops who take a hard line on the issue.

You’re kidding, right? It’s exactly opposite of that. Everyone knows that the US bishops today are a more liberal group than ever; it’s why we have so many gay priests and seminarians in the first place.

Here’s another good one:

    If the Vatican proceeds to ban gay men from seminaries and the priesthood, one likely effect will be to badly deplete the already thinning ranks of Catholic clergy. (By the way these are assertions by the reporter, not quotes from analysts or experts.)

and what would be wrong with that? I would prefer to have a half-dozen orthodox, holy men dedicated to Christ and Divine Truth than a hundred lukewarm men willing to water down and filter that Truth. If I had to drive a half hour on Sundays to get to Mass in a packed building, instead of going to a 90-percent empty building with a Mass being led by someone outwardly flouting Catholic moral teaching, so be it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli