A plea for decency

A plea for decency

St. Blog’s own Fr. Bob Carr was featured in a Boston Herald article. He sent a letter to Bishop Lennon asking that lawyers from the archdiocese stop deposing therapists for abuse victims in the civil lawsuits.

    “May I strongly encourage you to invite the lawyers to reconsider this tactic. I think if we are going to further our mission we must take the high road and trust the outcome to the Lord,” he continues, adding he knew of one alleged victim of the Rev. Paul R. Shanley who stopped seeing his therapist in fear of the tactic.

The archdiocesan spokeswoman would only say that their first choice is to settle the cases without litigation. In other words, we don’t want to, but if we have to…

As one reader has pointed out, the archdiocese may be required to pursue every legal avenue or the insurance companies may refuse to pay out on their policies. So the bishop has a dilemma: does he unleash the legal hounds to use every scorched-earth tactic in their arsenal or does he take the high road, forfeit the insurance cash, sell of hundreds of millions of dollars of church property, and hope that it doesn’t cripple the Church in Boston? Or perhaps there’s a middle ground we don’t know about yet.

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Domenico Bettinelli