A love letter to the anti-Christmas crowd

A love letter to the anti-Christmas crowd

There are people in our society who sit around their little homes, grinding their pencils down, paralyzed with fear that somewhere, somehow, somebody is living their life with joy, comfortable in their traditional lives. Every year, some of those morons jump up and shout about the evil of Christmas.

The very funny James Lileks has produced a wonderful “screed” (his choice of word) skewering just one such unhappy, bitter couple who hate Christmas so much that they have rented a billboard in their town to express their wrath. Go read this. If you happened to read the original story he comments on, you’d probably be tearing your hair out by the end with frustration at the bone-aching stupidity of people. But with Lileks’ hilarious commentary it becomes an opportunity to just shake your head and be thankful that there is at least one sensible man left.

Thanks to Patrick Sweeney for the link.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli