A bizarre note

A bizarre note

Dale Price commenting on Mark Shea’s take on McCormack (see the comments on the post) recalls something Rod Dreher noticed back in April:

    … There’s a strange line in a letter from Shanley to Bishop John McCormack, who served as a liaison between Shanley, then in California, and Msgr. Frederick Ryan, then vice-chancellor of the archdiocese, who has sense (sic) been removed amid accusations of sex abuse and collecting pornographic photos of teenagers. Shanley wrote McCormack: “Thank you for acting as a go-between with Fred Ryan. Here’s the latest batch.” Batch of … what?

Good question, Rod. Batch of what, indeed?

What is it that made McCormack so sympathetic to perverts like Shanley and Birmingham and so callous toward the victims? I don’t dare voice my suspicions.

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Domenico Bettinelli