48 hours

48 hours

The president gave Saddam 48 hours. And then soon after that the liberation of Iraq will commence. I think the president laid it out squarely—the UN gave the authority to Iraq for noncompliance, but it doesn’t the will to follow through; to wait until a WMD has gone off in America before attacking is not self-defense, it’s suicide; the US is not going alone, we have 30 countries providing direct aid, including several Persian Gulf states.

Even the mainstream media is starting to get it. He started his spiel before the address, by referring to the “long march to war.” No more talk of a rush to war. Thoughtful people realize that there is nothing to be gained by further delay and obfuscation by Saddam. By the end of April, Iraq will be a free nation. Perhaps even by the end of March.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli