Zombie fascination

Zombie fascination

What is the bizarre fascination with zombies? In cities throughout the US and Canada, groups of people dress up as zombies and lurch about the streets. The most recent such parade was in San Francisco on Friday, but they’ve also had them here in Boston.

Why zombies? If it’s simply harmless fun, why the focus on the undead, and not just any undead, but also those that eat the flesh of the living. A few years it was vampires that were all the rage, probably from the popularity of both Anne Rice’s books as well as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”. So what accounts for the zombie fascination? Or just the whole undead fascination?

Perhaps it’s just the obvious: an outward manifestation of the culture of death. A society that condones the legalized slaughter of 48.5 million babies since 1973 is going to show the effects in manifold ways, not all of them obviously connected. Although the connection here may be more obvious. Of course, living in Salem maybe I see more of this dark side of the culture than other people do.

And maybe I’m just an old fogey, but from the looks of it a lot of these people are old enough to know better; they should act their age. These aren’t teenagers or even college kids. “Cut your hair and get a job, you darn whippersnappers!” Weirdos.

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