Zimbabwe archbishop prepared for martyrdom

Zimbabwe archbishop prepared for martyrdom

Here’s an example of episcopal courage. Archbishop Pius N’cube of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has said he is ready to lay down his life in passive resistance against the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe has become one of the worst dictatorships in Africa under Mugabe, which is saying something, and Ncube has been among his staunchest opponents.

“I am ready to stand in front,” Archbishop Ncube said. “We must be ready to stand, even in front of blazing guns.’

Often in the past the archbishop has often called upon citizens to oppose the authoritarian tactics of the Mugabe regime and demand effective government leadership to ease the nation’s severe poverty. But he spoke with unprecedented urgency on March 22, after a series of incidents in which government supporters have arrested, beaten, and killed leading political opponents.

“The biggest problem in Zimbabwe are cowards, myself included,” the archbishop said. “We must get off our comfortable seats and suffer with the people.”

Wow! Now that’s a bishop with courage and guts, especially since making a stand in his country could cost him his life. A similar stand in the US might just cost some invitations to fancy dinners.

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