Kathy Shaidle mentioned the other day and recommended the web page as your new home page and I wanted to concur.

Tim Harrison is a great guy and very generous, who redesigned this blog to strip away all the extra gunk and add some good functionality, and he did it pro bono.

The myCatholic page allows you to get news headlines from Catholic and secular sources, the Saint of the Day, headline feeds from any blog with special easy links to popular Catholic blogs, weather, sports, Mass times, and more.

And best of all he does it all for free. Of course, nothing in the world is really free, except grace, and so Tim is asking for donations. He has a goal of $1000 and has raised less than half of that so far. I think that’s a modest goal and he should be able to raise much more for everything he provides so I ask any of you who have a couple of extra bucks to spare to send it his way. And definitely make his page your home page. It’s worth it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli