Your momma!

Your momma!

Why should Catholics get upset at “The Da Vinci Code”? After all, it’s just a work of fiction/novel/movie? This is what we’re told over and over by DVC fans and promoters alike. Our reply should be, “Because it defames our Mother!” This work of fiction nevertheless calls Holy Mother Church a liar, a murderer, and a fraud. Gee, why should we be upset at this?

Since what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, the inimitable Dale Price offers a book proposal to Random House for another complete work of fiction called “The Dan’s Mommy Code”

Yes, though fictional, it is based on aspects of the life of your hottest author, Mr. Dan Brown. Consequently, that will prove to be a useful hook to piggyback sales and simplify the promotional campaign.

The essential thesis of my fictional work is this: It was Mr. Brown’s mother, Constance, who starred in the controversial film Deep Throat, not Linda Lovelace.

Satire oftens provides a very clear look at the reality of a situation. Just as Dan Brown would be outraged at such a book (and rightly so), perhaps people should understand why Catholics might get a wee bit upset at worse slanders against the Bride of Christ and our Mother.

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  • The treatment that the book and now moveie have received from print and TV media is indicative of their desire that the falsehoods that they portray be taken as serious research.

    When justified criticism of the research on which the book is based is raised, then the defense is it’s “just fiction.”  It’s a way to have your cake and eat it too.

    For the poorly catechised Catholics, those under 60, the “truths” of the novel have a huge impact; one that grows over time to further undermine the Faith.