You can’t “keep your eyes on Christ” by ignoring His Church

You can’t “keep your eyes on Christ” by ignoring His Church

Here’s an example of the woolly thinking evident among so many Massachusetts Catholics who justify their dissent from God’s revealed truth as being somehow consonant with God’s love. In this case, it’s a contributor to the liberal political blog Blue Mass Group who says he’s converted from being against the legal fiction of same-sex marriage to being in favor of it, despite his Catholic faith, because his mother told him so. She said:

“What does the church care what they do? Gays can take it up with God when they die. Otherwise, let them do what they want if it doesn’t hurt you. Just keep your eyes on Christ.”

The Church cares what they do because the Church loves all of her children as a Mother and when you’re standing before God at your judgment is too late to realize that disregarding the Church’s warnings all these years was the path to damnation. You may as well say, “What does your mother care what you do if you want to take LSD and drop acid? You can take it up with the doctor in the emergency room when you’re overdosing and on death’s doorstep. Otherwise, she should let you do what you want if it isn’t hurting anyone else. Just keep your eyes on whatever makes you happy.”

By saying “keep your eyes on Christ” while contradicting the Church’s teaching shows a seriously flawed understanding of what it means to be a Catholic and the nature of the Church.

Our canon law experts would be interested in the blundering attempts to apply canon law and the Catechism to the matter. A Catholic untrained in canon law who tries to interpret the law for himself may have a fool for a client. Most importantly, it may have eternal consequences.

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