Yet another reason to switch to a Mac

Yet another reason to switch to a Mac

Microsoft has unveiled new software that will make it harder for you to use your music. It will allow record companies to dictate how many times you can listen to a CD and can prevent you from making copies for your own personal use, such as ripping it to MP3 for playback on your computer or MP3 player. In other words, what you’re buying at the music store is $20 plastic disc, not the right to use the music encoded on it.

Of course, I agree that stealing music is wrong. I will admit to having downloaded music from Napster when it was around, but it was generally to find out if I liked other music on a CD apart from the one song played on the radio. I don’t agree that if it can be stolen it should be stolen.

What makes Apple different from Microsoft is that they have a vested interest in pleasing the consumer and not the record companies. If Apple knuckles under, their very successful iPod is history and so is the vaunted Digital Lifestyle Hub. So switch to Mac and compute the way you want, not the way a group of companies tell you to.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli