Xt3 – Official WYD Social Network

Xt3 – Official WYD Social Network


The Archdiocese of Sydney has launched its new World Youth Day social networking site called Xt3. Also, check out the cool 30-second spot on that page produced by Grassroots Films, creators of such fare as “The Human Experience”, “God in the Streets of New York”, and “Fishers of Men”.

As usual, it’s very cool. Those of you in the younger demographic will have to tell us old fogeys whether you like the site.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • Old fogeys?  wink  They let me register, and I’m 50!  Are you older than that?

  • I assumed that since it’s the official World Youth Day social network that it was for youth. I know that the term can be somewhat elastic, but I certainly don’t consider myself a youth at 39.