Working in “Evil” governments

Working in “Evil” governments

Jesus Gil asks in a comment in the post on Tariq Aziz meeting with the Pope:

    Do you know what the Church’s stance, or if there is one, on working in “Evil” administrations/governments? I’m just thinking “out loud,” but in the case of Spain’s Fascist govt under Franco, it was also flooded with devout Catholics. Yet, some would call Franco’s govt “evil.” I’m just guessing, but I imagine even in the case of a Hitler, there were some who considered themselves devout Catholics.

My response was that it would get into the area of material cooperation, something which a moral theologian might be better suited to address. It’s a complex and nuanced realm.

From my point of view, it would depend on the job in the government. Supervisor of highways? Probably okay. But if you’re second-in-command of an “evil” government, I think the point is moot. You are the government in that case.

Anyone else care to share their opinion, especially if you have some expertise in this area?

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Domenico Bettinelli