Won’t deny Kerry

Won’t deny Kerry

Another “uncomfortable” bishop is heard from. Bishop James Moynihan of Syracuse, New York, says he wouldn’t refuse John Kerry Communion, despite Kerry’s public vow to defend the practice of murdering innocent unborn children.

“You just cannot pass judgment on someone coming up to you,” Moynihan said. “I don’t believe it’s enforceable. I do not believe I should make a law I cannot enforce.”

Your Excellency, you can and should and were given the tools by Jesus Christ to pass judgment.  He even goes so far as to say that “he expects no priest in the diocese to withhold Communion from any Catholic who supports abortion rights.” That’s going a lot further than other bishops. He’s actually saying it’s okay to be pro-abortion.

What about a guy who publicly supports racism in a rally on Saturday? Can he receive on Sunday? To bring it closer to home, what about a guy who molests a child on Friday, declares he is unrepentant on Saturday and in fact proclaims his membership in NAMBLA. Can he receive on Sunday, too? In fact, is there anything that would disqualify anyone from receiving the Eucharist in a church in the Diocese of Syracuse?  Maybe if you kneel to receive. That’s probably it.