Why I rooted for the Buccaneers

Why I rooted for the Buccaneers

Because I can’t stand most Raiders fans (with the exception of my friend Eric Westby). Here’s why I don’t like Raiders fans—they’re sore losers. I especially love this line. After detailing the mayhem and destruction—trashed McDonald’s, burned out cars, bonfires in the streets, blocking major arteries—one eighth-grade kid on the streets says:

    “They’re just trying to get everybody off the street, but we’re just trying to have fun,” said Jaunel Williams, 14, an eighth-grader at Oakland’s Calvin Simmons Middle School, as he covered his face with a T-shirt. “This stuff burns my eyes and throat.”

The young whippersnapper has so much to look forward to in in his 20s and 30s: sitting in the stands of the Coliseum, wearing a Darth Vader outfit, swilling beer, hurling obscenities, wondering what it’s like to kiss a girl, and hoping Mom isn’t going through the stuff in his room in the basement.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli