Whole Lotta Hobbit Going On

Whole Lotta Hobbit Going On

  • I ordered the DVD months ago; I guess I’ll have to get the Extended Version in November (I thought it was coming out already. Oh well, my brother gets a gift). Joe, I buy tickets on-line through my local theater; many chains have websites that allow you to choose the theater and order tickets to be claimed at the door, or printed out.

  • Joe,

    I think they will be unveiling the instructions on how to get the tickets online closer to the date.


    I think there will be a special process to go through for these tickets. They won’t be regular ones.

    I think the Two Towers DVD will follow the same marketing plan as the Fellowship DVD: release the theatrical version in August and the extended version in November. That way, Tolkien fans like me have to shell out the bucks twice.

  • I remember last year, my copy of the EV-DVD of the first movie included in the package a free admission to the Two Towers. The theater said ‘no special passes’, but on opening night, I asked anyway, and they said ‘sure, we’ll take it.’ So I’ll probably try it again this winter.

  • It seems that witht the new “re-release” plan, they would be better served economically, waiting until after they show the “TWO TOWERS”  in the theater’s again (EV) to release the EV-DVD.

    I’m glad they’re not THAT shrewd.