Who is my brother?

Who is my brother?

Now here’s a group of priests who get it. Rather than form labor unions and pressure groups (e.g. The Boston Priests Forum), these priests are doing something directly about the Scandal: Rapid City, South Dakota, priests are fasting one day a week, celebrating special Masses, and donating five percent of their pay to the Lazarus Fund, which was set up to pay for therapy for sex-abuse victims and their abusers. They are taking collective responsibility for their brothers’ deeds and the victims’ suffering. They acknowledge, like we should, that we are the Body of Christ, and that solutions don’t all come from the top down. And solutions don’t come from ideological turf wars or attacking doctrine. They come from personal holiness and action. We all must take responsibility for our brothers’ sins and advance in our own holiness and try to make recompense for their sins.

Right now, there are only 30 priests involved in this, but I would hope that it would expand a lot very soon.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli