Who is LA-ClergyCases.com?

Who is LA-ClergyCases.com?

You may have noticed that in the Google ads on my site that one shows up from time to time for LA-ClergyCases.com, promising to tell the real story about clergy sexual abuse in the Los Angeles archdiocese. But who are these people? They don’t say it right on the site, but it’s clear that this is nothing more than a public relations effort to sway public opinion in favor of Cardinal Roger Mahony and his handling of the Scandal.

It’s not clear that it’s a direct effort of the archdiocese, referring to Mahony and the archdiocese in the third person. The authors of the site—who remain anonymous throughout—try to appear as neutral third-party observers who have come to the conclusion that poor Cardinal Mahony has been railroaded. Our only clue as to the proprietors is the fact that on the front page, the only link to external site is to the archdiocese’s lawyers. A little research shows that the lawyers’ web site and the la-clergycases.com site are also served by the same hosting company.

Without going through every page, I have to say my biggest concern is whether this is the way an archdiocese and an archbishop should be dealing with the Scandal. Rather than set up somewhat deceptive web sites extolling their innocence, the archbishop should just own up to what he did, be straightforward with the people about his role, and take his lumps. If I may use an analogy to the sacrament of confession, he’s acting like a sinner who won’t acknowledge his sin and is making every excuse in the book to avoid repenting of it.

“Evil personified”; “unrepentant and repugnant”

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  • Really odd…the website has legal documents and uses language that pretty much only a lawyer would use.  If this turns out to be their lawyers doing this, it could seriously backfire.

  • Indeed, it’s hard to believe that anybody other than the lawyers would write this.  Who else can present a web site that “lays out the legal strategy”?

    Here’s a bit of boilerplate rhetoric; all that’s needed is for some clerk to fill in the numbers:

    First, all of the documents requested by the grand jury were turned over by the Archdiocese to the judge whose job it was to review them. What this appeal seeks to protect amounts to fewer than [ ] pages out of all of the hundreds of pages that were subpoenaed. These [ ] pages are confidential communications among these priests, their Archbishop and the Archbishop’s representative, the Vicar for Clergy.

    Thanks for posting about this, Dom: with the Red Masses held today for the start of the SCOTUS season, it’s a very fitting topic.