While the Pope prays, the moonbats prance

While the Pope prays, the moonbats prance

While Pope Benedict was doing this, a group of “moonbats” were doing this.

Pope Benedict stopped at the Spanish metro station ironically named “Jesus” in the city of Valencia this weekend, which was the site of several dozen deaths last week from a metro accident. While he was doing that, a group of—I can’t even think of a charitable word for them—rode by on bicycles, naked, in protest to demand “more freedom in sexual matters” from the Church. This really bugs me.

Look, if you want to go practice perversions, no one’s stopping you. The Church doesn’t have stormtroopers and thought police ready to bust down your door if you’re doing something sinful in your bedroom. That’s up to you and your conscience. All the Church is saying is that sin is sin and perversion is perversion, don’t ask the rest of us to condone it, and don’t foist it on society. (It recalls those who say the Church is killing millions of AIDS victims because of her teaching on artificial contraception. So all these people are having sex outside marriage, but listening to the Church about condoms? Right.)

Such a crass protest at the site of such a massive human tragedy is just another sign that so many people in the world are so focused on what’s between their legs that they can’t spare a moment to consider anyone or anything else.

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  • “Look, if you want to go practice perversions, no one’s stopping you.”

    Right on. I like the critics who harp on and on that the our Church leaders are obsessed with sexual issues, though these critics should take a good hard look in a mirror to see who is truly obsessed.