Which three?

Which three?

The US bishops voted to approve several documents yesterday at their meeting including a statement that puts forward the Church’s teachings that same-sex unions must never be granted the same legal basis as marriage. The vote for the document was 234 to 3. Who were the three bishops who voted against the Church’s teaching?

Then they debated over whether to say that sexual activity among same-sex couples is sinful, gravely sinfule, or objectively sinful. And then it devolved into whether to specify whether they were just discussing “genital activity.” They don’t sound like bishops, they sound like Clinton justifying oral sex with Monica. Are they trying to tell us that the only homosexual acts banned by the Church are ones involving the genitals? So two men “making out” is okay. This is what I was talking about yesterday. In the rush to appear non-judgmental, the bishops are giving ground on moral issues.

They should be clear that all homosexual activity, not just “genital” activity is immoral. All sexual activity is ordered toward the unitive and procreative ends of marriage and anything not ordered that way is gravely disordered, whether heterosexual or homosexual. And since homosexual activity cannot be ordered toward those ends, all homosexual activity cannot be condoned.

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