Where shall we go?

Where shall we go?

There’s a gubernatorial election in Massachusetts this year and I’m left wondering for whom I will cast my vote. There isn’t a single Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian for whom I can cast a vote in good conscience.

Among the leading Democrats is far-left liberal Deval Patrick and at least one Massachusetts blogger thinks he is the natural candidate for liberal/progressive Catholics.

Mr. Patrick’s far-left positions on critical social issues seem tailored to the progressive Catholic vision of “social justice.” Endorsing same-sex marriage (a.k.a “marriage equality”), denouncing tax cuts as “irresponsible,” and championing tuition breaks and drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants are all of a piece with the Eileen McNamara /James Carroll view of Catholicism.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Patrick or any of his similarly pro-abortion candidates receive a majority of the votes of not just the liberal Catholics, but even pro-life Catholics.

Split-personality Catholics

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Hmmm, I was going to write in Ray Flynn’s name (seriously!) but Phil Lawler is a great idea…

    If enough socially conservative voters do this, maybe they (the 2 liberal parties in this state) will begin to take us seriously…before everyone moves out of the state.

  • Back in January I heard Patrick speak at a coffee house in Lowell. He seems likes a nice guy, but all of them seem nice except gabrieli and his misrepresentation of stem cells. Gabrieli distorts the argument that Catholics are against stem cells, we’re just against the use of embryos. Embryos used for stem cells will hopefully be obsolete science. Recent reports have found stem cells everywhere, most notable is research growing active stem cell lines from menstrual blood.

    Kerry seems incompetent.

    Mihos is weird.

    Many progesive liberals describe O’Reilly as a hack. 

    I think in November I’ll be voting for wierd

  • The do not even look at the write-in’s unless there the write-in total is greater than the gap between first and second place.

    It was like this when I ran for selectman in now submerged Georgetown, MA.  I came in third, and the results were challenged because there were more write-in’s than the 11 vote difference between 1st and 2nd…. The result… I picked up a few votes, but still finished 3rd.

  • Oh, by the way… When I saw the Chris Gabrielli stem cell commercial, I almost threw up.

    Not surprising, though… I think its called selling your soul.