Where shall we go?

Where shall we go?

There’s a gubernatorial election in Massachusetts this year and I’m left wondering for whom I will cast my vote. There isn’t a single Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian for whom I can cast a vote in good conscience.

Among the leading Democrats is far-left liberal Deval Patrick and at least one Massachusetts blogger thinks he is the natural candidate for liberal/progressive Catholics.

Mr. Patrick’s far-left positions on critical social issues seem tailored to the progressive Catholic vision of “social justice.” Endorsing same-sex marriage (a.k.a “marriage equality”), denouncing tax cuts as “irresponsible,” and championing tuition breaks and drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants are all of a piece with the Eileen McNamara /James Carroll view of Catholicism.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Patrick or any of his similarly pro-abortion candidates receive a majority of the votes of not just the liberal Catholics, but even pro-life Catholics.

Split-personality Catholics

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