Where else but Harvard

Where else but Harvard

Where else but Harvard would you find a secular humanist chaplain? You may ask why atheists and agnostics would need a chaplain, and you’d be right to ask. They claim to reject religion, but then they use the same forms of religion, making their unbelief their god.

But that’s not what is most interesting about this story. Can you guess what religion and profession the first humanist chaplain was? Can you guess what issue made him choose to leave?

It always come down to sex for these people. And they say the Church is obsessed with sex.

  • “It always comes down to sex for these people. And they say the Church is obsessed with sex.

    I think that that is because the Church in her moral theology encourages the people to exercise self-control and only use this powerful and perilous gift from God in the right way.  *They* think that in order for someone to control his sexual urges, he has to fight against them all the time (Uncle Screwtape would be proud!) and thus the thought that such self-control must by obsessive.  Their ignorance of the true nature of a life of virtue might indicate that perhaps these guys never tried one on.

  • Agnostic, Texas, is a ghost town located just south of Dissent From Humanae Vitae.  You can easily walk from Dissent to Agnostic without breaking a sweat.

  • Yipy-ky-yi-yo get along little doggy,
    It’s your misfortune and none of my own!
    Yipy-ky-yi-yo get along little doggy,
    They say that Agnostic will be your new home….

  • The speaker at the Humanist event said:
    “We’ve actually established a pecking order in humanity,” he said, where ‘‘some actually count more.”

    A good observation!  Now will it lead many of the Harvard humanists to oppose cloning, abortion, and killing of the sick?  I don’t have a lot of confidence in that happening.

  • This is actually good news to a degree, for the more the Secular Humanists are seen as a religion, the more they will have to play the game like the rest of the religions. People have been calling their actions like they were in a religion, now thanks to Harvard, they are.