Where did his fire go?

Where did his fire go?

The Dallas Morning News ran a package of opinion pieces yesterday from a variety of Catholics about their recent stories on overseas shuffling of abusive priests. Among the notable names were bloggers Amy Welborn and Kevin Miller. Amy was her usually sensible self, but I was wondering if Kevin had been subjected to identity theft. That’s because Kevin was very vocal on Amy’s blog in calling the DMN “largely a front for anti-Catholic (pro-abortion, pro-‘gay,’ etc.) ‘Catholics’ and others.” (Yeah, he also calls Catholic World News a front for right-wing cranks.) So does Kevin take the opportunity to unleash his disdain upon the DMN’s reporting? Does he dismiss their recent series as an anti-Catholic rant? /p>

No, he just becomes a milquetoast and offers up some bland reflections that don’t offer much of anything that’s new. Where is the courage of his convictions? Why not beard the lion in its den? At least William Donohue of the Catholic League had the conviction to use the DMN’s own pages to say that the DMN series is not a big deal, that it is nothing new. I may disagree with him, but at least he has something to say.