Where did he get the time?

Where did he get the time?

Colleen asks as a good question in the comments of the entry prior to this one: If priests are so overworked, where did Fr. Turlick find the time to buy convicted molester/alleged murderer Paul Nolin all those gifts and to canoodle with him?

He had the time because Turlick has been on leave of absence from his diocese since 1970! Here I was thinking we had a shortage of priests. Even so the Diocese of Bridgeport told me that Turlick is still in good standing with them.

Turlick was released from his obligations to the diocese to get his degree in psychology and and then go to work as a psychologist, first in institutions and then in private practice. Why didn’t he just leave the priesthood? Why keep the collar? Those are rhetorical questions of course. For one thing, it lends him credibility when he needs it. He just flashes his collar like an undercover cop flashes his badge and doors will be opened.

I have to wonder: before all this happened, did the diocese even know he was out there? Did anyone remember Donald Turlick? This is the priesthood?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli