Where are the “liberal” Catholic bloggers?

Where are the “liberal” Catholic bloggers?

A friend asks the question: “Where are all the ‘progressive’ Catholic bloggers?” It’s a good question. Looking around the Net I haven’t found more than a couple of Catholic bloggers of the type who read the National Catholic Report or US Catholic and agree with what’s written there, or followers of Richard McBrien, or the like.

The vast majority, maybe 99 percent, of Catholic blogs are people who generally would be called “conservative,” or as I prefer, “orthodox.” Not that all of them are uniform in thought; there are plenty of disagreements among St. Blogs bloggers.

Also, there are plenty of “progressives” in the comments boxes, but none of them start blogs. Why is that?

The few examples I found were either rarely updated or even barely “progressive” or were just anti-blogs. By that I mean, blogs meant to insult and parody an orthodox Catholic blogger. I don’t really count that because it’s not constructive work to make fun of someone else’s views through distroting what they say. I would only count them if they espoused the blogger’s own views.

So where are all the “liberals”? Any ideas anyone?

I’ll start the ball rolling by suggesting that perhaps, since almost all of the Catholic and secular media reflect their views already, they don’t feel a need to provide their reactions. What do you think?