Where are the children?

Where are the children?

“Where have all the children gone?” asks the article at TechCentralStation.com. Not surprisingly, because it’s a site focused on free-market economics and politics, they see part of the problem as being the loss of the need for children to provide for parents in their old-age. With socialized government pension plans in place in most industrialized nations, some even more “generous” than the US Social Security, the author says that many people didn’t see a need for children who would care for them. Of course, such thinking, in purely economic terms, is short-sighted because those children are still needed to pay into the taxpayer-funded plans.

But that can’t be all that the crisis is about, because parents don’t simply look at their children as economic units. They love their children… or should. The problem goes deeper than economic interests. The problem is selfishness and a loss of faith. Many people want more themselves so they don’t have time for kids. Children hold back your career and eat up precious resources of time and money. They’re useful as another material possession, a success yardstick to show off to your friends: “Look at my kid’s $1,000 stroller,” “See my kid score that goal,” “My kid just got into Harvard.” A loss of faith is still blame as well. When we lose sight of the love of our Father for us, the love of our Divine Brother who sacrificed Himself for us, is it any wonder we don’t experience the wonder and joy of co-creating human beings with God, of raising up children to love God?

The author warns that those who are reproducing are Muslims, and at such a rate in Europe that soon it will be a Muslim continent. Christendom will not be conquered by the sword, but by the selfishness and loss of faith of Christians. Who will listen to our bitter tears when Chartres and Notre Dame and the cathedral in Cologne and the other great churches have been stripped of their Christian trappings and turned into bare mosques or museums, like the Hagi Sophia.

John Gibson gives us a prime example of this anti-child, selfish attitude so prevalent now. It’s a condom commercial that shows a child having a tantrum and then advises that if the father had used a condom…. Sick, isn’t it? This is the attitude that is killing our society by aborting our children and preventing the rest from being born. If I didn’t have to live in this world, I’d almost be tempted to say they’re all getting what they deserve.