Where are the bishops?

Where are the bishops?

Patrick Buchanan of all people has drawn the conclusion from the Alito hearings that the US bishops have abdicated their role in helping guide American Catholics in the important matters affecting our nation.

Which brings us to the unspoken issue here. Judge Alito is Catholic. If confirmed, he will join three other Catholics on the bench: Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, who have already voted to overturn Roe.

On the Senate Judiciary Committee sit four Catholic Democrats: Leahy, Kennedy, Biden and Durbin. All have 100 percent pro-abortion voting records. All have attacked Alito out of fear he may overturn Roe.

Query: Why is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops so deathly silent in this war of Catholics to decide if abortion on demand is to remain the law of the land forever in God’s Country?

Squandering what little influence they have left

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • It’s interesting to watch the european bishops desperately exhort the faithful to have children (especially in below-replacement level nations).

    One wonders how bad things need to get over here before our bishops are shocked into action. It will only get worse in the long run – but here we have an unparalled opportunity (once Alito is nominated) to effect some real change

  • They did nothing for 33 years as Jesus was tortured and put to death in the least of His Bretheren. What could they possibly have to say to me?  I do not know them.

  • Let’s face it:  the bishops, by and large are losers.  The bishops are always the weakest links in the Church.  History has proven that the bishops have always been the ones to let Church down.  So, why would we expect any less in the United States?  The USCCB (a joke in itself) is a nothing more than an “organized resistance” to the Church, albeit they try to come across as “loyal” to Rome as possible.

  • “They squandered their moral authority in the Scandal and now they’re squandering what little voice they have left by failing to so what a shepherd is supposed to do: lead.”

    Isn’t “moral authority” something of a political term?  Christ granted not moral but spiritual authority to the bishops.  I’m worried we’ll immolate the spiritual authority of the episcopacy in a fire of sometimes justifiable anti-clericalism.

  • Mr Buchanans piece was a well-deserved kick right in the stones to the USCCB in general and in particular to Cardinal McCarrick.

    If they’ve accomplished one meaningful thing for the Catholics in this country I’d be quite surprised.  With the exception of a handful of Bishops they’re complete cowards.  They won’t even safeguard the Most Blessed Sacrament from open and notorious pro-abortion Catholics like Kennedy and Kerry for fear of the political fallout.

    I repeat what I’ve said before though; the laity needs to stop funneling money to the bishops and start sending it to truly orthodox organizations who do uphold the traditions of the Church.  “No dogma, no dollars.”

  • The bishops have brought this whole thing on themselves with their idiotic behavior on a half dozen topics, at least.

    It’s only too bad they don’t realize what it is they’re supposed to be doing, and it’s too bad we have to put up with their behavior.

  • In answer to one of your questions, Bishop Weigand of Sacramento called on Gray Davis to renounce his support for abortion.  His spokesman criticized the Bishop for telling Catholics how to practice their faith.

    It seems to me that too many Bishops are overly concerned with the reaction they will get from the media and,therefor, don’t speak out when they should.  Rather, they only speak out when they can expect support from the media, e.g., in opposition to capital punishment or the war in Iraq.  It gives the impression that they are more interested in saving Tookie Williams than in saving souls.