What’s wrong with Wall Street?

What’s wrong with Wall Street?

Sometimes I just don’t get the herd of investor-sheep out there. On the day that Apple introduces the most amazing iPod product line ever and even drops the price on the most successful smartphone ever to make it more accessible to even more people, the stock drops and then drops again the next day. Huh?

Are people actually listening to the Business Week’s FUD? Only in America do people greet a price drop as a problem. Listen up people: A drop in price in this case is an indication that the device is selling so well that Apple is willing to forgo insane profits in order to make good profits on more units moved.

On the other hand, if investing were easy, everyone would be a millionaire and I can look at this as an opportunity to shift more IRA money into Apple. That’s right, run scared Wall Street. I’ll buy up your underpriced shares.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli