What you should know about John Kerry

What you should know about John Kerry

NewsMax.com has compiled some interesting facts about John Kerry’s past, especially in relation to his oft-touted war hero status. (He served in Vietnam, by the way.)

Kerry admits he protested the war after he came back from Vietnam, a decorated veteran. (Yeah, he threw medals over the White House fence, but later admitted they weren’t his medals. Those still hang on his office wall. Nice gesture, John.)

What Kerry doesn’t want you to know is that he was very friendly with and cooperated with Communists, Socialists, and others who wanted to overthrow the US government. He has been a vocal proponent of the government of Vietnam, even pushing a Senate committee on POWs/MIAs into voting that no American serviceman remains in Vietnam. Yet, later we find out that at the same time the Vietnamese government signed an exclusive billion-dollar deal with a company owned by Kerry’s cousin.

There’s so much more on the web page. Go to it and check it out, especially the photo on the cover of the book Kerry co-wrote back in 1972 on Vietnam veteran soldiers protesting the war.