What would liturgy do without experts?

What would liturgy do without experts?

A liturgist says to expect big changes in the future of the Liturgy. Fr. Richard Fragomeni, who teaches liturgy at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and is a priest from Albany, says that liturgy will “express the diversity of cultures in the Church.” Ick, just what we need if more “diversity.” We can look forward to more hula, clown, and African dance Masses. Why does it seem that cultural diversity always excludes Western European culture?

Today, Catholics are looking again at liturgy and the sacraments as “where people receive the Holy Spirit, receive the gift of God—and that leads to a sense of holiness.”

If people become holier, the priest added, “they’re more available to service, to the inclusivity of people, to dealing with any kind of bondage we might create as a people.”

Bondage? I’m not sure we want to include that in the Liturgy.