What words make you cringe?

What words make you cringe?

The other day I mentioned that I’m tired of hearing “vibrant” being applied to parishes, as if that describes some quality important for a Catholic parish. To me it conjures up images of busy-ness and lots of programs, but it says nothing about the quality of parish life there.

What other words do you see used in Catholic circles that are similarly empty of real meaning, but are euphemisms for some imagined quality? “Dynamic” might be another one. I think it’s supposed to mean a lively place of the spirit or the intellect, but what it often means is “We reject orthodoxy, but we do so with style!”

I suppose it’s been done before, but it’s always fun. How about a dictionary of Modern English for the American Catholic Church? Sharpen your wit and get typing!

  • Faith Community
    (n)- NewSpeak for parish church. Based upon Chinese communist lingo used to ween people away from the idea that they belong to a parish named after a saint and in communion w/ Rome.

    Worship Aid
    (n)- disposable missalette or cheap xeroxed imitation, usually featuring those deformed woodcut people with the sleepy eyes and big hands. Term is often used by cantors (see “music ministers”, “Dignity”) who enjoy leading the congregation in song while standing in the sanctuary as if on stage in a musical or karaoke bar.

  • “Welcoming” and “Community Oriented”
    Definition: We accept everyone – practicing gay and lesbian couples, once divorced ,not annulled and now remarried outside the church couples, priests who start petitions supporting their right to marry, and supposed religous sisters who discard the habit for pretty skirts, earrings and make-up.

  • Not at the particular parish I’m referring to…she likes to look nice when she gives the “gospel reflection”

  • Which is why I say to the Republican Party: don’t even think of putting forward Rudy Giuliani as a candidate in 2008…

  • “Ministry”/“Having a Ministry” – Corruption of Protestent “Minister”, as it is used in place of “Priest”.  Catholic version is a lay person doing busywork often related to shuffling papers, and sometimes involving duties formerly handled by a Priest.  “Ministry” is not sacramental.  It is not uncommon for the holder of a “Ministry” to develop an inflated sense of self-importance.

  • Hey! It is so uncommon! ok, I won’t start the “ministry” battle… my co workers really are good folks and I don’t see self-importance in them.

    That being said, our parish’s lame uh “Mission Statement ” says …are drawn together from diverse backgrounds by our Catholic faith (no we’re not, we’re all white rich kids, really).  WE are a joyful (get ready to hurl) EMERGING community…“what the heck does that mean? Emerging?

    PS the parish across town has a ministry for the Latino population, one for the Vietnemese population and one for the migrant workers. If anything, they are the diverse parish.  Oh, they are also the Kerry worshipers, but that’s just a different ball game all together.

  • While not necessarily to be found in the Parish Bulletin, they are an extension of the worship aids” once a week for our “teen” mass. I am in charge of a “ministry”. While I find much of that verbage silly – it’s what I do.

  • marginalized.  Everyone is marginalized these days.

    Marginalized.  A person who disagrees with Church teachings and wants others to feel sorry for them or demands the Church to change Her teachings to their views.

  • by embracing the Democrats’ radicalism.

    The GOP seems to assume that just because the Democrats are worse, that we’ll always support them because they’re “not as bad.” They think that if they move to the left on abortion, gay rights, and so on, the conservatives won’t have anywhere to go. They’re right and wrong: Conservatives, especially Christians, won’t vote for pro-abortion, pro-gay Democrats, but they won’t vote for their Republican doppelgangers either; they’ll just stay home instead.

    But before that happens, Republicans need to hear from pro-lifers first; they need to hear they can’t take us for granted. I’ll tell you one thing: if it’s a choice between a pro-life Democrat and a pro-abortion Republican, I’ll vote for the Democrat, no matter how economically or foreign policy liberal he is. The Republicans are going to have to learn that before the Democrats realize it.

    [Hat tip to reader Therese]


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    I think you meant

    “the appointment of a pro-abortion Republican to be the co-chair of the RNC. ” not pro-life Republican

  • And so it begins.

    Read today that new PA state treasurer Bob Casey Jr. is being wined and dined by such democrat heavy-weights as Chuck Schumer to run against Santorum in 2006.  That would make him vice-presidential material in 2008, and would also knock off one of the few GOP pro-life politicians ramping up for a presidential run. 

    See, Casey is the son of former PA governor Bob Casey Sr, an ambitious man and an unambiguous pro-lifer, just the sort Schumer would have crossed a very wide street to avoid back in the day.
    But that was then.  Now,  pro-life democrats are hot properties.

    Meanwhile, republicans are blithely promoting such pro-choice shills as CATHOLIC NY governor George Pataki, CATHOLIC [putatively] ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani, and the piggish pro-choice governor of California, who even has a yappy chihuahua rubbing up congressional colleagues to change the Constitution so that Ahhnuld can “governate” those of us fortunate enough to be already born, and terminate the rest of us.

    If (a) Santorum goes down, (b) Casey becomes a vice-presidential [or even presidential?] honey boy like John “How’s my hair??” Edwards, and (c) republicans choose one of pro-choice schlubs they currently seem to be infatuated with, I believe that they will lose the religious right, and the election.  And boy, will they deserve it.