What is RadTrad?

What is RadTrad?

The left-leaning anonymous blogger “Holy Office” has a very funny post up on Radical Traditionalism with a quiz on “what kind of RadTrad are you?”

Okay, let’s not get our undies in a twist over this. He’s not talking about run-of-the-mill traditionalists who prefer the Tridentine Mass, but the far out guys who have stormed out of the Church, think no Novus Ordo Mass can be valid, think the Chair of Peter is vacant, etc. Really, some people have to get a sense of humor.

Radical Catholic Traditionalists are people who sprang up in the wake of the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican (1962-1965, commonly known as “Vatican II: Aggiornamento Boogaloo”), much like mushrooms spring up after a spring rain.

Rejecting what they decreed heretical innovations in the faith, radtrads proudly maintain the age-old dogmas of the Christian religion, handed down from the Apostles since time immemorial, such as:

* Jesus spoke Latin.
* The Jews are to blame for everything.
* Women can’t wear trousers.

Considering our discussions in recent days, you can imagine what kind of reaction this will get. Okay, I predict that despite my calls for a sense of humor and qualifications regarding who is getting the gentle ribbing, my combox is going to be filled with humorless and angry people complaining and accusing and disputing.

Prove me wrong, folks. Please. Pretty please.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • The funniest satire is liberally sprinkled with truth.

    I think we ought to get all of them together with all of the leftie dissidents, put them in the superbowl armed with baseball bats and let them at each other. 

    This way we might get one Sunday with a rasonable liturgy smile

  • Actually, I think it is not on its face ridiculous to say Jesus spoke Latin (while on earth; presumably, now glorified, there is no issue of limited knowledge).

    I am not asserting, as fact, that he actually did—because I don’t know. Rather, I’m saying it’s not unreasonable, in the fashion it would be to say he spoke Chinese or Cherokee or whatever.

    (I am setting to one side the unresolvable question of how his human and divine knowledge interacted, because we can only theorize and theologize about that. One can take various “high” or “low” positions and still be a good Catholic. So, this question is only “ripe” for those who tend to the “low” position on the extent of his human knowledge; it goes without saying that in his divine knowledge, he knew everything. And making the distinction between various sorts of knowledge, in the God-man, is quite proper and really necessary, even if you never thought about it before. Perhaps someone else will care to say something about our Incarnate Lord’s three types of knowledge: divine, infused, and experiential.)

  • Chris:

    Ah, yes; well, then mark me down as one who highly doubts Our Lord celebrated the First Supper (what’s this “Last” business?)/Eucharist in Latin, or Greek (which I think he was even more likely to have spoken—at least some).

  • Yes, many traditionalists I’ve known seem to have that attitude that “Jesus spoke Latin”, just like the (only semi-mythical) Protestant lady famous in the South who felt that “if the King James was good enough for Jesus, it was good enough” for her.

    Maybe if the Douai was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for them?

  • Query: Is the Church no longer founded on Scripture AND Tradition?  Why do all the posters so far (trads seem to be cowering behind their monitors) treat tradition with scorn and derision?  I know you’re all mostly Gen Xers, but you can’t really believe Clown Masses, Date Nut Eucharists and Dancing Nuns are traditional. If you really want to yuck it up, read “Leading Catholic Indicators” which confirms the mess the ‘modern’ Church is in or “The Rite of Sodomy” – that one’s a real hoot.

  • Shoot! And I thought they were going to prove me wrong. Oh well.

    Just because one is not a RadTrad, sedevacantist, or schismatic does not mean one is not Traditional or doesn’t have contempt for abuses in the Church.

    You need to lighten up. It is not Tradition we’re laughing at, but people who take themselves too seriously and think that they alone represent God’s presence in the world.

  • I’m not a rad trad, thank God but why <b>should<b> we laugh at them? We aren’t supposed to laugh at Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists or the Amish so why not treat our Catholic brothers and sisters with the same kindness?