What he thinks about “I Had an Abortion!”

What he thinks about “I Had an Abortion!”

Syndicated columnist Prof. Mike Adams tells us what he thinks about Planned Parenthood selling its new line of “I Had an Abortion!” T-shirts.

I think that the notion that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” was never really the position of Al Gore, the Democrats, or Planned Parenthood. I think that John Kerry is more honest than Al Gore. He admits that life begins at conception but still thinks that abortion should be legal. I think that John Kerry is a real humanitarian.

He then goes on with other thoughts including the spectacle of women who’ve had abortions and can no longer bear a child to term, and other matters, concluding that abortion issue is the most important moral issue of our time.

  • They would reply that someone can voluntarily give up their privacy, but that the (non-existent) privacy clause (really a justification) only prevents the government from stripping someone of their privacy.

    The Bill of Rights protects our rights against government interference, not against voluntarily self-restriction or even action by other non-government entities. For example, if a radio station fires a disc jockey, he has no justification to declare that his First Amendment rights were violated because the radio station is not the government. (Of course, the analogy breaks down when you consider government regulation of the radio industry and that radio stations lease airspace, etc., but you get the point.)

  • “I had an abortion”  And now your body is forever the scene of a gruesome, cold blooded killing. 

  • I realize that “I regret my abortion” isn’t nearly good enough.

    Still…I regret my abortion.

    I also regret Isabel’s comments.

  • Kelly,

    These individuals are advocating the sin against the Holy Spirit – a sin which can never be forgiven as the soul chooses to glory in its crime rather than repent.

    I believe what I said is true.  When one has their child killed by abortion, the act takes place within the body of the mother.  It is a horrible reality, but one that must also be acknowledged and dealt with so that the person might face the full consequenses of their actions, repent and receive the forgiveness and love of God in order to heal.

    These individuals desire to lead others to reject the grace of the Holy Spirit Who pierces each soul with the light of truth convincing them of sin and leading them to Jesus.  If they succeed in this demonic act, many souls will be forever lost.  It is not charitable to accomodate their adgenda or help them to accomplish their goal. It is an act of evil.

    I have responded to their message in truth and charity.  I do not regret it.


  • Isabel,

    I still regret your comment: “And now your body is forever the scene of a gruesome, cold blooded killing.” Truth? Sure. Charity? Not that I can see.

    I’m a big girl now (someday I hope to actually grow up) and, thanks be to God, have, while not come to terms with my abortion—and doubt I ever will—am at least blessed with the knowledge that God has forgiven me.

    Had I, during that very black period of horror, fear, shame, and despair of ever acquiring forgiveness, read those 14 words…well, I wonder if I would have sought forgiveness at all.

    And that’s why I regret your comment.

    Regarding the tee shirts…I seriously doubt that women who have had abortions will be the ones who purchase and wear them. I believe—and my guess is that PP believes this too—is that rabid, pro-abort women who have absolutely no clue as to what the murderous “procedure” is all about, will be the buyers, and will wear them as a fashionable political statement.

    Remember, the devil is really into lying. And via PP, it’s been developed into an art form!

    Prediction: look for the tee shirts (“fitted,” no less…tres chic!) among the Ugly Angry Women at a pro-life rally near you.



  • Kelly,

    Then let us remove all traces of the reality of abortion for fear mothers who have killed their children will not seek the forgiveness of the Lord because they are offended.

    This is feeding egoism rather than love. It is false charity.  We can love our neighbor even though we offend him if it be for the love of God and our neighbors eternal good.

    Someone is going to be offended by something regarding abortion so if this be charity, we should simply remain silent in the face of it.

    I am sorry for all mother who have had abortions but for their good I must speak out.  The facts of abortion can be heart wrenching but it is by the heart that the mind is often won over to the truth. This has been my experience as a sidewalk counselor and as a friend to many women who have contemplated abortion or who have sought to heal from its terrible wounds afterward. 

    I often remind mothers of aborted children of something a priest at an EWTN retreat taught us. ” God not only forgives our sins when we confess them but He chooses to forget them as well.” It may not be an exact quote but it does seem to encourage them to seek Jesus in personal prayer, the Sacraments or both.

    It has certainly been a gift to me.

  • I don’t find fire and brimstone, “you’re going to hell for it” rhetoric very effective for teaching people about the love and mercy of God and encouraging them to repent and convert. No one’s saying that we have to pretend that abortion isn’t bad, but rhetorically slapping a post-abortion woman in the face with her sin is not very charitable.

  • “I don concerned for our neighbors salvation and even to fight for it so that they might be made holy and enter into the glory of God clean and white as snow.

  • Christine,

    There is a spiritual expression that says “every substance in this world has it’s shadow”. One mortal sin strikes the soul dead driving out sanctifying grace and Charity.  All the merits of this life are now gone and the soul is at once in grave danger of losing eternal salvation.

    These are some of the spriitual shadows of mortal sin but we are aware also of many natural consequences too.  Mothers who have had abortions suffer increases in suicidal tendencies,  alcholism, drug,  abuse, sexual promiscuity, and often further abortions.

    Sin has consequences.  I am not going to compromise with it because it hurts peoples feelings.  My concern is for their well being and eternal salvation.  The planned Parenthood campaign is trying to normalize the gruesome act of abortion in the minds of the public.  I am giving their audience a reminder of reality.  When a woman has an abortion, her body is the site where the attrocity takes place.  She will never be able to escape it.  It will go with her whereever she goes just like the expression says. 

    Yes, I would like to lead mothers who have had abortions to repent but remaining silent in the face of planned parenthood is not the way I choose to fight for them or their children. 

    It is my experience that someone has to be willing to be chastised for battling the enemy even by their own.  I have many beautiful consolations to help me be cheerful, hopeful and at peace. 

    God Bless,

  • Christine,

    Someone once said,  “It is a very frigid Christian who has no concern for the salvation of others”.  I am concerned with the eternal salvation of all people just by the fact that I am a Christian.  They are in my prayers, my works and everything I do in union with Christ.  I couldn’t bear for Jesus to lose souls He suffered and died for. 

    I do not know the state of souls.  I know that mortal sin does deprive us of sanctifying grace and that abortion is indeed a serious sin with serious consequenses.  It is unmerciful, even evil not to warn our fellow man or woman of the danger of it.  That is one of the reasons why we go to abortion centers to pray and to call mothers and abortionists to the mercy of God and to life!

    I am certain what we do is good, right and just.  The fruit is beautiful!

    I do have one question Christine.  When a woman asks you to give her her child back, do you do it or do you explain that in this life, she will have to accept the consequenses of her actions?  The pro-life community must live in reality.  Her child is dead.  Nothing I can say no matter how sympathetic I feel is going to change that. Her body has been violated, her child killed.  This is the truth and to whitewash it will not assist in bringing her to repentance.  People repent because God has offered them the grace of sincere sorrow for sin they acknowledge comitting.  They will to act in response to God’s own love or reject it. 

    Spiritually, I can reassure a mother that God is infinately merciful and that she can be most hopeful of being reunited with her little one if she repents and perseveres to the end as we all must do. But we can never be certain of eternal salvation as judgement belongs to God alone.

    When we commit mortal sin, sanctifying grace is indeed driven out. That is why we need the Sacrament of Confession. It restores us to a state of grace.

    The one thing I know for certain in being a Catholic is that I will be persecuted.  Being a Catholic pro-life activist is a double gift that I treasure.

    God Bless,

  • “And do you greet the women coming out of the abortuary with signs that say:

    And now your body is forever the scene of a gruesome, cold blooded killing.”

    I don’t have to. They know it.  They know that they have been violated and they know that the life they carried within them is now dead.  This is the one thing I don’t have to inform them of.

    You may not be aware but many mothers in the pro-life community had abortions and have been generous in sharing their testimonies with us.  They are grateful that someone at least informed them of the truth and acknowledged their insurmountable pain and grief.  They want us to know what they suffered at the hands of planned parenthood’s cheap slogans that they believed, because often, no one was there to testify to the truth for them.

    We witness to mothers and abortionists for the love of God. This requires us to present the truth.  As priests for Life currently shows photographs of dead mutilated children without being unjustly accused of detering mothers from repentance.  I recognize and point out that mothers are scarred and sometimes mutilated for life as well.  These killings do take place within her body. 

    We should not fear to do God’s will because of our personal interests or fear of what others might accuse us of.  We do what God calls us to do and depend on His grace to do it well.

    The Holy Spirit is capable of doing His job of calling all sinners to repentance.  Trust Him!

  • You may not be aware but many mothers in the pro-life community had abortions and have been generous in sharing their testimonies with us.


    The most zealous supporters of saving the lives of babies are women who have had abortions. That’s why we use our experience to do whatever we can to prevent them.

    It’s not “generosity.” It’s a privilege.

    Incidentally (or not, actually) I still say that the majority of women who will wear the PP “fitted” tee shirts are women who’ve never had an abortion. This cannot be emphasized enough.

    I plan—and I strongly advise others do to so—to look the tee shirt wearer in the eye and calmly say: “I’m sorry, but I simply do not believe you.”

    Talk to your post-abortion friends, Isabel, and see if they don’t agree with me.

  • Kelly,

    You may not believe them but I do. I truly believe pro-abortion feminists have abortions and I believe they hurt from them just as much as anyone else.  They are in great need of God’s mercy and love as they are women who have often never experienced Chritian charity. I have heard it said that   “women are so little loved”.  I believe this is the source of their anger and violence against themselves and their children.  As our Lord said, violence begets violence.

    I am well aware that many mothers who have had abortions are very zealous in preventing women from having the experience of abortion.  There are also many men and women who have never known the personal effects of abortion in their lives but who speak out and fight for the good of others because it is the right thing to do.  I admire them all equally. O.K, that’s not really true as I have a special gratitude and love for Joan Andrews Bell and my friends Joyce Fecteau, Marlese Huell and Marjori Van Metre.  They have been an inspiration to me in Faith, in Hope and in Love!  They have made Jesus visable and touchable.

    God Bless,

  • Christine—

    From EWTN: “Canon 1398 provides that, “a person who procures a successful       abortion incurs an automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication.” This means that at the very moment that the abortion is successfully accomplished, the woman and all formal conspirators are excommunicated.”

    It is among the most grievous of sins to kill one’s own children.

  • Christine,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion of prayer. I certainly will give it a try. 

    God Bless,

  • You may not believe them but I do. I truly believe pro-abortion feminists have abortions and I believe they hurt from them just as much as anyone else. to offend anybody) to at least CONSIDER it!

    Because those tee shirts, worn by hundreds and thousands of women, are a gilt-edged invitation to unsure women in problem pregnancies to go ahead and kill their kids.

    Do I make myself clear?

    I hope so, because I’ve got another tee shirt design in mind to counteract what I believe is one of the most simple yet devastating weapon PP is unleashing.

  • I actually am not so sure the shirts will encourage anyone who is pregnant to abort if they weren’t going to do it anyway.  The culture is already saturated with that notion, anyway.  I used to teach high school and you’d be shocked at how often this topic comes up in the restroom of high schools.

    Rather, I’m pretty sure these tshirts are meant to be political in nature—oriented toward allowing PP-partisans to go on wallowing in the mess that PP is.  It’s a sort of statement of hubris, I think.  Political hubris.  Sort of like the Rainbow Coalition thing. 

    And as such, I think it’s far more dangerous to the bulk of us as catholics than anything else.  There are so many people who’ve engaged in sexual sins wholesale and refuse to repent that these PP folks and their ilk have a lot of sympathy from the public.

    On the other hand, people who abort do it because they are afraid, or because they think somehow it will help or because they feel guilty for committing the sins that lead to children they want to abort.  Or sometimes, for sheer utility (i’m supposed to go to college in september, I can’t tell my daddy, etc.)

    Often it’s the classic case of trying to cover up one sin with another larger one.  But anyone who pays attention can tell you that the more you sin (lie, cheat, finangle, etc) the more you have to, just to avoid being found out.

    And it really is a quintessentially faithless act.  Because it is taking a life into one’s own hands and destroying it for one’s own reasons.  As if God wasn’t even there.




  • And of course, the real problem is that most of the population is much more comfortable thinking of the political and practical (finangling) strategy, as described above, than of the presence of God and the *eternal meaning* of doing away with one’s unwanted kid.

    The shirt is more of an outcome of the same turn of mind than a cause of more corruption, I think.  I mean, I don’t think it’s going to suggest anything that everyone over about reading age isn’t already aware of in a highly politicized way.

    This whole issue has really gotten way out of control, aided by the general disposition which resulted from contraception.  People who contracept are very loathe to criticize people who abort; people who abort are very loathe to criticize those who same-sex play around, etc, etc, etc.  All of it leads to a permissive mindset and a whole lot of relativism to maintain that ever-precious hubris…..

  • Kelly,

    Sometimes, I get tired and in fact misunderstand what people are saying as a result.I think I am half blind as well. (lol)

    I don’t know.  To this day, my brain finds it hard to believe that abortion is legal.  I have often heard my self say, “that would never happen”. Then, the next day, it happens! So, if I think or believe these shirts will never become ordinary, I second guess my judgement.

    I mean I can’t imagine these shirts becoming part of the fall collection at Sears but I do believe that further desensitizing the public to the to the “taboo” of abortion is a real possibility.  I have seen what the homosexual agenda has done to our community standards in a mere fifteen years.  I had to flee Virginia because I did not believe I could raise my children there.

    I remember the day that Gloria Steinman and a small group of feminists burned their bras in NYC.  I never dreamed the consequenses of their beliefs would be so grave. And, who would have thought that one rebellious woman, Margaret Sanger would start the greatest killing spree in the history of all mankind all by herself.

    I grew up never hearing the words divorce, abortion, condom, contraception
    affair… .  Now they are words that are used in everyday speech even by children.  This happened because someone, somehow made the foreign, familiar.

    Today, I can’t imagine any woman who has had an abortion wearing the T shirt. But I have lived a little and have witnessed how base we can become.  In all honesty, I can’t say that it won’t happen or even become a popular trend.

    I am a little familiar with Brookline as I used to visit one of my older sisters at Cardinal Cushing College before it closed.  I am sorry you were arrested there but am grateful that you were a witness to Love.

    I was fortunate to have lived in MA. for a while. It was beautiful.

    God Bless,


  • “No one seems to know why this is..”
    Some people, generally those believers who do not hold to Vatican II,  have expressed an opinion as to why this is so. However, I don;t know the official Catholic position as to the purpose of a clown Mass. I was taught that the Catholic Mass is a quite serious event. I personally do not understand the meaning and usefullness of the clown Mass or of clowning around during the Mass.

  • Isabel,

    Forgive my—well, whatever it is I do sometime. And the jail time wasn’t all that bad. Sheesh, Bill Cotter spent two YEARS in the can! And Joan Bell certainly did her time as well. Mine was a 48 hour gig and, while not recommended as a vacation, it wasn’t all that bad.

    I’m so sorry to keep repeating myself but I really do think these tee shirts are dangerous.

    I grew up never hearing the words divorce, abortion, condom, contraception, affair>
    2004-07-30 19:15:53
    2004-07-30 23:15:53
    Believe it or not, papal masses are full of unorthodox messes.  No one seems to know why this is and it disturbs quite a few people.  They even violate their own published norms.  Go figure.

    Check these out:  http://www.traditio.com/nos.htm