What has happened to WorldNetDaily?

What has happened to WorldNetDaily?

For several years now WorldNetDaily.com has been a reliable source of conservative news on the Web, a natural ally on the cultural battlefield and a place with no discernable religious sectarian leaning except to say that it leans toward orthodox Christianity.

But lately, they’ve suddenly come up with a streak of Bible-thumping, anti-Catholic fundamentalism of the worst kind. The column I link tries to be fair, saying nice things about the Catholic Church before repeating the same old, tired canards that have been debunked thousands of times in books like Pat Madrid’s “Pope Fiction” and Karl Keating’s “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” and Scott Hahn’s seminal audio series “Answering Common Objections.”

This isn’t the only anti-Catholic diatribe on WorldNetDaily recently. Not long ago they ran a column by Bill Press that asked “Does a Catholic belong on the Supreme Court?” It, too, was filled with half-truths and inaccuracies about Catholicism as well as outright bigotry. If this is where WND is going I’m afraid I’m going to have to part company with them. I would think a lot of their Catholic (and hopefully, honest evangelical) readers will follow me.