What happens if a “bad touch” feels good

What happens if a “bad touch” feels good

In its continuing series of articles defending the Archdiocese of Los Angeles against charges of negligence with regard to sex abuse and trying to convince people that things aren’t as bad as they seem, last week The Tidings, the diocesan newspaper, penned an article about teaching kids about “good touches” and “bad touches.” Oops sorry, it’s supposed to be “Good Touch/Bad Touch” followed by the the “R”-in-a-circle sign indicating a registered trademark. That makes it more official and probably is designed to prevent people from writing criticisms of it or something.

Anyway, we’re first informed that the American Humane Association says the average age of a sexually abused child is 9.3 years. That would be pedophilia, all right. But wait a minute, that’s not related to the actual abuse of children by priests, which is ostensibly the reason for this training. When you look at the John Jay Criminal College report data, you find that the average age of victims was over 12, the majority of victims were between males between the ages of 11 and 17, and over half of all victims (male and female) were between 11 and 14. This more properly defined as ephebophilia, not pedophilia, and has distinct characteristics. When it’s an adult male with a post-pubescent male, it’s called homosexuality. But we’ve discussed that before. On to the rest of the article.

Good touch. Bad touch. How about immoral touch?

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