What do I want for my birthday?

What do I want for my birthday?

What do I want for my birthday? It’s a good question and one I was just asked this morning. I hadn’t given it much thought.

Of all the “things” I could want, most aren’t in the budget: it’s getting close to the time to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro; our old standard-def TV’s audio is starting to go; I’d love to start shooting photos with an SLR. But we can’t afford any of that right now.

And as much as I love books, my “to be read” shelves are overflowing with bookmooched and review books.

I definitely need new clothes for work. The old chinos are wearing out, especially the cuffs. (Bane of us short guys.) Not sure that’s what Melanie had in mind for a gift.

Yeah, there’s stuff on my Amazon wishlist I wouldn’t get for myself either.

But when it comes down to it, maybe a special dinner of a favorite dish with my wife, a nice glass of Scotch or Port after, and maybe even a good cigar or pipe would be just fine.

At this point in my life it’s nice to get “things” from my wife (and if I got any of those “impossible” gifts I would be ecstatic), but it’s the simple things in life, the important things that make me happiest.

C.S. Lewis had an old story about the child who asks her father for six-pence to buy him a present, and while the father was none the richer for having received the gift, he was blessed above riches for the love in it.

I guess I feel the same way. It’s the love behind the gift that enriches and makes a birthday special. In a way, I’ve already received my birthday gift.

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