What cost immigration?

What cost immigration?

While the US bishops are debating a position paper that would demand on our behalf that the US goverment legalize all undocumented illegal Mexican aliens, we see that the true cost of unrestricted immigration is counted in both dollars and freedom.

The columnist Paul Craig Roberts explains that native-born Americans are having their freedoms stripped because federal government PC-enforcers designate every Third World immigrant, legal or illegal, as a privileged preferred minority, by virtue of skin color, as soon as they cross the border. How exactly is our freedom lost? A Michigan woman was convicted of a hate crime and jailed because she used an ethnic slur for Hispanics in a private conversation with her mother. As the women walked past a group of people speaking Spanish, she told her mother she wished these “spics would learn to speak English.” I don’t agree with the use of ethnic slurs, but freedom of speech is freedom of speech, but evidently not when it comes to hate crime laws.

The conviction was oveturned, but not based on First Amendment rights. The court said the woman could not be convicted for “conduct she could not reasonably have known was criminal.” In other words, her private speech was still considered criminal. Paging George Orwell!

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli