Health and prayer news

Health and prayer news

The latest on my brother is that he’s doing well. He’s supposed to meet with his cardiologist today and get some more information on what he can expect for the future. Yesterday, we went down and spent some time with him in the hospital. It was the first time I was able to talk to him when he was coherent (he didn’t remember me visiting him last Thursday). He was in good spirits and we did some joking, but then he also told us his first-person recollection of what happened. It was really shocking when he told us that there was a point when he knew that if they didn’t pull into the fire station right there, he wouldn’t make it to the next intersection. Scary!

Anyway, there is the possibility that he’ll come home in the next day or two which is amazing when you consider how close to death he was last week.

Funny story: There were so many priests coming in to see John over the weekend XVI.

  • FYI to all interested – this is a series of quotes from The Ratzinger Report (Ignatius Press: 1985), pp. 59-62.  Very worthwhile reading!

  • Cheers to Pope Benedict, who knows what goes on and has the guts to say so.

    What are the bishop’s conferences good for?  They provide comic relief in a the largely corrupt Church in the USA.  They are the object of a lot of venting, which I suspect is better for our mental health than holding in the frustrations of being Catholic today, post-V2, with all the ambiguity with which we have to deal.