What a homeschooling mom can teach about homiletics

What a homeschooling mom can teach about homiletics

Melanie links to an article by a homeschooling Christian mom who had lesbian neighbors raising a child move in across the street. Contrary to the stereotype, the mom didn’t plant a burning cross on their lawn or even forbid her children to play with their child. But she did have to explain to her children the difference between judging behavior and judging the state of a person’s soul.

“Of course you can be friends,” I said. “But you’ll have to agree to disagree about this. Tell her you can be friends, but she cannot keep trying to persuade you that her mother’s behavior is acceptable.” They nodded.

“She’s really upset,” my son said, tears welling up in his eyes. “She thinks that we won’t be allowed to play with her.” That, of all the mess, is what he understood most clearly: Someone’s feelings were getting hurt.

“You can play with her, but she has to agree to disagree. Now, would you like to make brownies and take them over as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift?” All the children nodded.

In the process, a bit of evangelization occurs and some real insight happens and maybe, just maybe, a door has been opened where this family can witness to the Gospel to their neighbors in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to light a spark.

Bedtime stories and homiletic advice

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