Archbishop Sean O’Malley held the first of several meetings to introduce himself to the priests of Boston. Nothing remarkable there.

But who is it that immediately ran to every media outlet he could find—all local newspapers, local TV news, and so on—and report what was likely designed to be a private meeting among brothers? Why, Fr. Robert Bullock, one of the founders of the Boston Priests’ Forum.

That’s the august group which recently joined (without polling its members first) another priests’ group in Milwaukee and noted heretical groups Call to Action, CORPUS, and FutureChurch in calling for optional celibacy. They’re the close pals of Voice of the Faithful, the so-called “priests of integrity.” The ones who drafted the letter of 58 priests who called for Cardinal Law’s resignation. It seems that anywhere there’s a reporter, Bullock is on the scene.

I wonder, with all this time spent interviewing and representing the Priests’ Forum, where Fr. Bullock finds the time to pastor his parish in Sharon, Mass. I’m sure the answer is right there in my question.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli