Wedding photos

Wedding photos

image Here is the first batch of wedding photos by our official photographer. These are the undedited, uncorrected, uncropped photos (proofs, if you will) of my and Melanie’s wedding and reception.

I know I owe you all a promised description of the reception and of our travels in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Those are coming, I promise. Until then, enjoy these.

Update: I forgot to link the thumbnails to the full-size pics. That’s fixed now.

Image Credit

  • DM_Wedding14.JPG.jpg: Own photo
  • Don’t think dombud that you get to post those photos without an explanation of the backstory to “Puppy Wuppy” on the car.

  • Well, maybe I can shed some light on the situation….

    “Puppy wuppy” refers to an attempt by the best man, Dom’s brother-in law and best friend, Peter Campbell, to discomfort my unflappable spouse.

    He managed to dig up a story from the depths of the family archives: When Dom was very little (I’m fuzzy on exactly what age but I think it was around five) his older sister Francesca used to play a game with him. She’d call out: Where’s Puppy-wuppy? Go get puppy wuppy.
    and young Dom would go around the corner and come back on his hands and knees barking like a dog.

    I have to say if this is the most embarassing story they could dig up about my husband, I’m quite content.

  • Great photos of a beautiful day!

    Sincere thanks to the both of you for letting all of us blogsphere friends be a part of the joyous occasion.

    Congratulations and a long, happy, faithful and fruitful life to both of you.

  • Melanie looks absolutely gorgeous. Dom—not so bad yourself. Congratulations and I hope to see little ones soon! I wish I could have been there but the pictures must suffice for now. I will be in Boston in November and hope to see ya both then!

  • Whew! Finally got logged in again!
    Hey fun pics! How is John doing? He looks great-and when did his oldest GET SO TALL?????? holy moses!

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing, and agian-congratulations!

  • Tails!  Do I see tails?!  Wow!  And no T-shirt.  smile

    Melanie, your love for kids comes through in the pictures.

    Let me add my thanks for sharing your happiness with all of us readers.  It’s the best thing going on in St. Blogs!